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Ocean Warming (Effects on Marine Ecosystems: Coral Reefs)

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Could Earth's Coral Reefs Adapt to Any Future Global Warming? (13 August 2014)
The Maldives' Corals Seven Years after the 1998 Bleaching Event (29 July 2014)
The Values and Virtues of Protected Reef Fish Communities (23 July 2014)
Responses of Emergent Intertidal Coral Reefs to a Strong El-Niño (2 July 2014)
What Is the Greatest Threat to Australia's Great Barrier Reef? (1 July 2014)
Surviving Coral Bleaching (28 May 2014)
Fighting Current Real-World Threats to the Well-Being of Corals (9 April 2014)
Gorgonians' Thermal History Dictates Their Response to Warming (26 March 2014)
Effects of Climate Change and Local-Scale Stressors of Coral Reefs (5 March 2014)
Reef-Building Corals Acclimating to Elevated Water Temperatures (25 February 2014)
A 16-Year History of Coral Bleaching in Moorea, French Polynesia (14 January 2014)
The Flip Side of Coral Bleaching (8 January 2014)
Near-Death Experiences of Brazilian Corals (8 January 2014)
Cold-Water Corals Feeling Laboratory Heat ... and Loving It! (11 December 2013)
The Repetitive Bleaching of Corals: Can Any Good Come from It? (18 September 2013)
The Virtues of Promiscuity in Coral Larvae (4 September 2013)
Reducing the Negative Effects of Climate Change on Coral Reefs (14 August 2013)
To the Brink of Extinction ... and Back! (13 August 2013)
Corals Moving Northward in the Western Mediterranean Seas (23 July 2013)
Heat-Induced Stress in Corals is Exacerbated by Eutrophication (17 July 2013)
The Near-Death Experience of South Andaman Island Corals (2 July 2013)
Hot-Water Climate-Change Refugia for Corals? (2 July 2013)
Coral Decline on Australia's Great Barrier Reef (9 April 2013)
Life in the Turbid Zone: Can Corals Cope with Conditions Long Thought to be Deadly to Them? (12 March 2013)
How Corals Succumb to Sedimentation (8 January 2013)
If Temperatures Rise, Can Earth's Corals Take the Heat? (11 December 2012)
Symbiont Shuffling in Corals: Is it Rare or Widespread? (27 November 2012)
How Best to "Weatherproof" Earth's Corals Against Warming-Induced Bleaching (31 October 2012)
Direct Anthropogenic Threats to Malaysian Corals (2 October 2012)
Caribbean Corals: What's Really Been Giving Them a Hard Time? (14 August 2012)
Recurrent Bleaching and Storms Need Not Spell "the End" for Earth's Corals (25 July 2012)
Acclimatization of Corals to Thermal Stress (17 July 2012)
Coral Reefs of Northern Tanzania (4 April 2012)
The High-Latitude Coral-Climate Correlation During the Holocene (6 March 2012)
Water Quality and Warming-Induced Coral Bleaching (28 February 2012)
A Positive Biological Effect of Tropical Cyclone Activity (21 February 2012)
Corals Dying from Weather-Induced Heating and Cooling ... But Surviving Climate-Induced Heating and Cooling (15 February 2012)
Corals vs. Macroalgae in a CO2-Enriched and Warmer World (14 February 2012)
Recovery of Coral Reef Ecosystems after Degradation by Humans (8 February 2012)
Disaster and Recovery of the Fringing Reefs of North Jamaica (18 January 2012)
Coral Response to Thermal Stress: Symbiont Shuffling Plus (17 January 2012)
Coral Species Richness a Full Decade After Two Bleaching Events (20 December 2011)
"Doom and Boom" on Australia's Great Barrier Reef (9 November 2011)
The Real Recipe for Coral Bleaching (9 August 2011)
Synergistic Effects of Heat and Other Stresses on Coral Larvae Survival (2 August 2011)
Short-Term Heating Helps Corals Survive Greater Long-Term Warming (27 Jul 2011)
Challenges of Corals Living in the World's Warmest Reefs (12 July 2011)
Live Coral Cover on Australia's Great Barrier Reef (29 June 2011)
Tropical Reef Corals Responding to Warming (14 June 2011)
Maldivian Reefs: Fighting Back from Near Oblivion (8 June 2011)
Coral-Virus Interactions (7 June 2011)
Up from the Depths: Regenerating Decimated Corals (31 May 2011)
Twentieth-Century Growth Rates of Florida (USA) Corals (4 May 2011)
Coral Disease-Induced Growth Anomalies: What Causes Them? (3 May 2011)
The Ability of Coral Reefs to Regenerate after Catastrophic Events (3 May 2011)
Coral Disease in a Warmer World (13 April 2011)
Humans Are Destroying Earth's Coral Reefs (5 April 2011)
All Coral Bleaching Is Not Bad (5 April 2011)
Earth's Incredible Dissolving Corals (22 March 2011)
The Bleaching of Mentawai Island Corals During the 1997-98 El Niño (16 March 2011)
The Resiliency of a Tropical Eastern-Pacific Coral Reef (8 March 2011)
Mid-Holocene Coral Mortality in the South China Sea (1 March 2011)
Coral Reef Degradation: Anthropogenic-Induced or Natural? (15 February 2011)
Relict Reefs of the Past: Substrates for Reefs of the Future? (6 January 2011)
Effects of Habitat on Coral Bleaching (28 Dec 2010)
Coral Reefs and Climate Change: Unproved Assumptions (10 November 2010)
Coral Responses to Recurring Disturbances on Saint-Leu Reef (15 Sep 2010)
The Mushroom Corals of Singapore: Global vs. Local Challenges (8 September 2010)
Coral Hosts Can Evolve to Cope with Global Warming (29 July 2010)
Coral Reefs of Tanzania (21 July 2010)
The Temperature Dependence of Cuban Coral Calcification Rates (8 July 2010)
Corals Recover from Bleaching and Hurricane Damage in Marine Reserves (18 June 2010)
How Best to Help Corals Cope with Heat-Induced Bleaching (26 May 2010)
The Resilience of Coral Reefs to Global Stressors (26 May 2010)
Sea Fan Adaptive Responses to Pathogen- and Heat-Induced Stress (26 May 2010)
Effects of Way-Above-Average Warming on Tasmanian Reefs (28 April 2010)