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Sea Level

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Global Sea Level Behavior of the Past Two Centuries (20 May 2014)
Two Centuries of Sea Level Change Around the North Sea Coastline (1 April 2014)
Sinking Islands: Fact or Fiction? (5 November 2013)
The True Status of Earth's "Sinking Islands" (23 October 2013)
The Importance of Length-of-Record in Assessing Sea Level Change (27 August 2013)
Impact of Continental Mass Change on Rate-of-Rise of Sea Level (9 July 2013)
Lowly Plants Turning Back Landward Advances of Rising Seas (27 March 2013)
Global Mean Sea Level: Is It Accelerating? ... Or Is It Not? (12 March 2013)
In Search of a CO2-Induced Increase in the Mean Rate-of-Rise of Global Sea Level (26 February 2013)
Islands Rimming Pacific Atolls: Their Response to Sea Level Rise (29 January 2013)
Will Rising Seas Swamp Sydney, Australia by Century's End? (14 November 2012)
The Coral Atoll Islands of the Chagos Archipelago (15 August 2012)
Rate of Sea Level Rise: Predictions vs. Measurements (8 August 2012)
Urban Atolls of the World's Oceans: Succumbing to Rising Seas? (5 June 2012)
The "Rescue and Mining" of Previously Neglected New Zealand Sea Level Data (1 May 2012)
Sea Level Change in the German Bight (18 April 2012)
A Century of Global Sea Level Change (28 March 2012)
Comparing Earth's Sea-Level and Energy Budgets (3 January 2012)
Recent Reflections on Sea-Level Rise Reflect Poorly on the IPCC (13 December 2011)
Global Groundwater Depletion and Global Sea Level Rise (6 December 2011)
Weaknesses in Our Knowledge of Land-Ice/Sea-Level Interactions (26 October 2011)
Sea Level Rise Around Mainland Australia (12 April 2011)
Sea Level Rise by the End of the 21st Century (29 March 2011)
Sea Level at Port Arthur, Tasmania (14 December 2010)
The Tide Gauge Record of Brest, France (8 December 2010)
Sea Level Response to Global Warming (1 December 2010)
The Fate of Coastal Wetlands in a Warming and CO2-Accreting Atmosphere (13 October 2010)
Improved Analysis of Grace Data Shows Ice Accumulation in Greenland and Lower Global Ice Loss than Previous Studies (22 September 2010)
Linear Rate of Sea Level Rise Is Detected, With no Acceleration (3 September 2010)
Closing the Global Sea Level Budget (19 August 2010)
Forty Years of Morphological Change at a Great Barrier Reef Island (18 August 2010)
The Response of Reef Islands to Warming-Induced Sea-Level Rise (18 August 2010)
Ocean Mass Trends (and Sea Level Estimates) from GRACE (22 July 2010)
Alaskan and Northwest Canadian Glaciers (12 May 2010)
Sea Level Changes of the Past: Portents of the Future (07 May 2010)