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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

The Medieval Warm Period in the Alpine Regions of Europe (22 July 2014)
On the Origin of Extreme Climatic Events (17 December 2013)
The Trend in Global Drought Over the Past Six Decades (27 March 2013)
No Change in Global Drought in the Past 60 Years (13 March 2013)
Canadian and U.S. Droughts of the Medieval Warm Period (6 February 2013)
A History of Drought in the Southern United States Since 1895 (5 February 2013)
A 654-Year Streamflow History of Argentina's Neuquen River (17 October 2012)
Increasing Drought Under Global Warming? (25 September 2012)
Three and a Half Centuries of Droughts in the American Southeast (25 September 2012)
The Hydroclimate of the Upper North Saskatchewan River Basin (15 August 2012)
Extreme Droughts in Northeastern Tibetan Plateau (1700-2005) Inferred from Tree-ring Data (13 June 2012)
Global Warming and Extreme Weather Events (28 February 2012)
North American Mega-Droughts and Global Mega-Warming (21 February 2012)
Medieval Droughts of the Western United States (7 February 2012)
Late Holocene Water Balance in the Experimental Lakes Area of Canada (29 November 2011)
Droughts of Southwestern North America: Past and Present (12 October 2011)
Global Droughts of the Last Half of the 20th Century (11 October 2011)
Global and Continental Drought in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century (5 October 2011)
New Streamflow Records of Upper Colorado River Tributaries (28 September 2011)
Is Western North America's Water Supply Imperiled by the Mere Maintenance of Earth's Current Climate? (27 September 2011)
Drought in China Since 1950 (13 September 2011)
No Long-Term Trends in Southwestern United States Drought (27 Jul 2011)
A History of Drought Duration and Frequency in the U.S. Corn Belt (6 July 2011)
Chinese Locust Plagues of the Past Millennium (24 May 2011)
A Century of River Discharge Rates in Finland (1 March 2011)
A Century of Drought in Southern South America (15 February 2011)
Droughts of the Northwestern U.S. Snake River Basin (15 February 2011)
Drought in the U.S. Corn Belt (9 February 2011)
Medieval Droughts of Northern Europe and Beyond (8 February 2011)
The Megadroughts of Monsoon Asia (20 January 2011)
Droughts of East-Central North America (7 December 2010)
Of Droughts and Megadroughts in North America (27 October 2010)
A 1300-Year History of West-Central Mexican Cloud Forest Climate (14 October 2010)
Drought on the Northern Great Plains of America (9 September 2010)
Global Terrestrial Net Primary Productivity: 2000-2009 and Beyond (9 September 2010)
Alpine Glaciers (Especially Those of Scandinavia) (8 September 2010)
The Hydrometeorology of the Amazon Basin (6 August 2010)
Characterizing the Mayan Terminal Classic Period (22 July 2010)
Two Centuries of Precipitation and Drought Data from Seoul, Korea (30 June 2010)