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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

A Prior Millennium of Australian Tropical Cyclone Activity (16 April 2014)
Seven Millennia of Hurricane Activity along the Coast of Beliz (26 June 2013)
Intense Tropical Cyclones of the Northern Indian Ocean (9 April 2013)
Land-Falling Tropical Cyclones of Southern China's Guangdong Province (20 March 2013)
Tropical Cyclones of the Lesser Antilles (22 January 2013)
Global Tropical Cyclone Activity of the Past Five Thousand Years (15 January 2013)
The Ability to Identify Category 4 and 5 Atlantic Hurricanes with Mid-20th-Century Tools (1 January 2013)
A Global Analysis of Historical Tropical Cyclone Landfalls (18 December 2012)
A 370-Year History of Tropical Cyclones in the Lesser Antilles (5 December 2012)
Climatic Impacts of Intermittent Tropical Cyclone-Induced Alterations in Sea Surface Temperature (11 April 2012)
Effects of Tropical Cyclones on Sea Surface Temperatures (4 April 2012)
Ocean Heat Content Changes Induced by Tropical Cyclones (3 April 2012)
The Post-1950 Activity of Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones (21 March 2012)
Landfalling Tropical Cyclones of East Asia (7 March 2012)
Landfalling Tropical Cyclones of the Philippines (14 February 2012)
A High-Intensity Hurricane Record Preserved in a Florida Sinkhole (25 January 2012)
Southern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Trends Flat to Down (10 January 2012)
Atlantic Warm Pool Influences on U.S. Land-Falling Hurricanes (28 December 2011)
Tropical Cyclones: Their Future and Our Fate (20 December 2011)
China's Tropical Cyclone Potential Impact Index (9 November 2011)
Fifty Years of Tropical Cyclones Impacting China (1 November 2011)
Impacts of Tropical Cyclones on U.S. Forests (26 October 2011)
Tropical Cyclones Making Land-Fall Over Eastern Australia (18 October 2011)
Tropical Cyclones: The Models Project More of Them in Our Future, or is it Fewer (12 October 2011)
Tropical Cyclones and Global Climate Changes (12 October 2011)
Global Tropical Cyclone Activity (13 September 2011)
Tropical Storms in the North Atlantic: Projections and Observations (7 September 2011)
Damaging Tropical Cyclones of China (24 August 2011)
Tropical Cyclones and Super Typhoons: Their Influence on China (23 August 2011)
A Reassessment of Long-Term Atlantic Hurricane Statistics (5 July 2011)
No Long-term Trend in Atlantic Hurricane Numbers (15 June 2011)
Detecting the Footprint of Man in Tropical Cyclone Damage Data (7 June 2011)
Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclones (17 May 2011)
China-Influencing Typhoons (10 May 2011)
Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Caribbean Sea (10 May 2011)
Hurricane Activity Over the North Atlantic Ocean (10 May 2011)
Tropical Cyclones of the North Indian Ocean (13 April 2011)
Global Warming and Tropical Cyclones of the Western North Pacific (5 April 2011)
Trends in Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Characteristics (22 March 2011)
Cyclones of the Tropical South Pacific (22 February 2011)
A Brief History of Northwest Australian Tropical Cyclones (11 January 2011)
Tropical Cyclones Impacting China (22 December 2010)
Paleotempestology: A Review of the Fledgling Research Field (23 November 2010)
Tropical Cyclone Intensity Discrepancies (16 November 2010)
The Ups and Downs of Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Western Hemisphere (3 November 2010)
Tropical Cyclones Off the Northwestern Coast of Australia (27 October 2010)
Global Warming and Atlantic Hurricane Intensity (27 October 2010)
The Impact of Climate Change on Typhoon Activity (21 October 2010)
A Century and a Half of Atlantic Hurricane Activity (21 October 2010)
Tropical Cyclones of the North Atlantic (20 October 2010)
Intense Tropical Cyclones in a Warming World (6 October 2010)
Gulf of Mexico Coastal Hurricane Strikes (15 Sep 2010)
The Global Warming-Hurricane Connection: A Far-From-Settled Science (22 July 2010)
Fifteen Hundred Years of Atlantic Tropical Cyclones (7 July 2010)
Global Tropical Storm Days (25 June 2010)