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Solar Influences on Climate

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

A 3,000-Year Record of Solar Activity (12 August 2014)
A 2500-Year Temperature History of the Northern Tibetan Plateau (19 February 2014)
A 1500-Year History of Northern Hemisphere Monsoon Activity (22 October 2013)
Two Millennia of Climate Change on the Northern Tibetan Plateau (28 August 2013)
Fifteen Millennia of Climate Change in the Middle Reaches of China's Yangtze River (20 February 2013)
Effects of Global Warming on Precipitation in Guangdong Province, China (12 December 2012)
How Sunspot Cycles Impact the Temperatures of Norway and Earth's North Atlantic Region (27 November 2012)
Cosmic Rays and Climate Change (8 August 2012)
Warmth and Peace in the Roman Classical Period (19 June 2012)
Eight Centuries of Climate Change in Northeast Spain (8 February 2012)
Exciting El Niño News: More Evidence of a Solar Trigger (4 January 2012)
Empirical Harmonic Models Project "Sunnier" Climate Scenarios Ahead (3 January 2012)
Variation in Surface Air Temperature of China During the 20th Century (23 November 2011)
The Case for a Quasi Sixty-Year North Atlantic Temperature Oscillation (22 November 2011)
Solar Forcing of Winter Climate Variability in the Northern Hemisphere (2 November 2011)
Temporal Derivative of Total Solar Irradiance and Anomalous Indian Summer Monsoon: Empirical Evidence for a Sun-Climate Connection (1 November 2011)
Cosmic Rays, Clouds and Climate (19 October 2011)
The Medieval Climate Anomaly (7 September 2011)
Here Comes the Sun ... Again! (6 September 2011)
Empirical Modeling: Could it be Natural Cycles Influencing Climate Change? (10 August 2011)
Cold European Winters and Low Solar Activity (28 June 2011)
Solar Activity and Global Climate Change (1 June 2011)
Earth's Temperature: Deconstructing the Past to Predict the Future (18 May 2011)
The Response of Norwegian Sea Temperatures to Solar Forcing (23 March 2011)
Medieval Droughts of Northern Europe and Beyond (8 February 2011)
Earth's Magnetic Field and Low-Latitude Precipitation (2 February 2011)
More Evidence for Solar-Driven Climate Change (8 December 2010)
Sun-climate Connection on Millennial Timescales (7 December 2010)
Holocene Climatic Change in the North American Great Plains (24 November 2010)
Solar Forcing of Meteorological Phenomena on Earth (19 August 2010)
Solar-Precipitation Connections on the Tibetan Plateau (21 July 2010)
Cosmic Rays, Atmospheric Ozone and Global Climate Change (21 July 2010)
Solar-Planetary Interactions May Be Major Drivers of Climatic Oscillations on Earth (30 June 2010)