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Health Effects of Temperature (Other)

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Expert Opinion is Still Just Opinion, and Not Necessarily the Truth (19 March 2014)
Childhood Diarrhea: What's Diurnal Temperature Range Got to Do with It? (23 October 2013)
The Warming of Max and Min Temperatures in the US Great Basin (2 October 2013)
The Warming of Max and Min Global Terrestrial Temperatures (2 October 2013)
Diurnal Temperature Range and Respiratory Tract Infections (2 October 2013)
Health Effects of Increasing Diurnal Temperature Range in Korea (28 August 2012)
Dying from Heat in a Warming World (22 August 2012)
Global Warming and Childhood Ear Infections (1 May 2012)
Pollen and Hay Fever in Switzerland (14 December 2011)
Extreme Weather: Changes in Storm Surges in Southern Europe Under Climate Change Scenarios (5 October 2011)
What Does the World Health Organization Study of Global Health Risks Imply about Global Warming's Health Risks? (24 May 2011)
Vector-Borne Diseases of the Very Recent Past in Central Europe (2 March 2011)
Climate Change and Infectious Diseases: Unfinished Business (22 February 2011)
Climate Change and Infectious Diseases (16 February 2011)
Evolving Ideas about Climate and Human Disease (16 February 2011)
Dynamics of Infectious Diseases (15 February 2011)
Mosquito-Borne Diseases in Australia (8 February 2011)
Vector-Borne Diseases and Global Change (2 February 2011)
Is Global Warming Driving Outbreaks of Tick-Borne Diseases? (28 Dec 2010)
Controlling the Adverse Consequences of Human Pathogens (17 Nov 2010)
Allergenic Pollen in Cities of Northwest Spain (6 October 2010)
The West Nile and Saint Louis Encephalitis Viruses (22 July 2010)