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Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Nutrient-Poor Mountain-Slope Grasses in a Warming World (15 April 2014)
Fine-Tuning the Spatial Distributions of Species' Thermal Habitats (26 November 2013)
The Drought Tolerance of Grasslands (5 June 2013)
U.S. Climate Change and Its 20th-Century Biological Consequences (14 May 2013)
Hydrologic Variability Effects on Dryland Ecosystems (2 April 2013)
Desert Plants in a Warming World of More Variable Precipitation (2 April 2013)
Fine-Scale Temperature Features at High Elevations (22 January 2013)
Plant Diversities on Sixty-Six Warming European Mountaintops (21 August 2012)
Fine- vs. Coarse-Scale (Envelope) Models of Climate-Induced Vegetation Change (3 July 2012)
Plant Responses to Significant and Rapid Global Warming (20 June 2012)
Amazonian Plant Extinctions (11 April 2012)
Palaeoecology Reveals Real-World Biotic Responses to Global Warming (29 February 2012)
Human Presence vs. Climate Change in Antarctica (29 February 2012)
On the Potential Extinction of High-Elevation Species (1 February 2012)
Surviving the Warmth of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (20 September 2011)
Effects of Warming on Alpine Grassland Plants (19 Jul 2011)
Alpine Flora Dynamics in a Warming World (15 March 2011)
Warming-Induced Vegetative Change in the Swedish Scandes (9 March 2011)
Surviving the Unprecedented Climate Change of the IPCC (8 March 2011)
Species Distribution Models are Not Able to Predict Future Climate Impacts (6 January 2011)
James Hansen's Outlandish "Alpine Plant Extinction Claim" Is Debunked by Real-World Data (8 December 2010)
Climate Envelope Models of Plants and Animals (7 October 2010)
Life in Alpine Regions in a Warming World (6 October 2010)
Storms, Fires and Insect Pests: Bad for Trees in a Warming World? (18 August 2010)
Could Alpine Plants Survive Significant Global Warming? (28 July 2010)
Past Warm Episodes did not Cause Extinctions (15 July 2010)
Cutting CO2 Emissions May Spell Disaster for What Yet Remains of 'Wild Nature' (15 July 2010)
Impacts of Warming on Reproductive Output of a Forest Herb (30 June 2010)