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Responses to Temperature

Click on the links below to access reviews of the scientific literature on this topic that have been published since the 2009 NIPCC report.

Effects of Warming on False Springs Throughout the United States (29 July 2014)
A High-Arctic Feedback to Climate Warming (8 July 2014)
Temperatures Rising in Wheat Fields? There's a Cultivar for That! (4 June 2014)
How Warming Impacts the Germination and Vigor of Plants Grown from Recalcitrant Seeds (20 May 2014)
The Response Potential of Silver Fir Trees to Global Warming (29 April 2014)
Effects of Nocturnal Warming on a Chinese Grassland Species (1 April 2014)
Tropical Tree Seedlings in a Warming World (17 December 2013)
Rising Night-Time Temperatures: Boon or Bane of Pioneer Tropical Trees? (22 October 2013)
Tropical Tree Seedlings Exposed to Elevated Nighttime Air Temperatures (8 October 2013)
The Fate of Boreal Peatland Carbon in a Warming World (9 October 2013)
Plant Phenology in a Warming World: Keeping Up with the Heat? (16 July 2013)
How Much Heat Can Amazon Tree Species Take and Still Survive? (16 July 2013)
Corn Production in the USA Is Already Adapting to Warming (4 June 2013)
Xylogenesis in Black Spruce Trees of Canadian Boreal Forest (3 April 2013)
Effects of Future Heat Waves on Pine and Oak Tree Photosynthesis (19 March 2013)
Winter Wheat Yields in a Warmer Yangtze Delta Plain of China (19 February 2013)
Climate Change and Winter Wheat Yields in Northern China (11 December 2012)
Coping with Heat Waves and Droughts in a Future Warmer World (3 October 2012)
Probing Ecosystem Resilience to Climate Change in Arctic-Alpine Plants (31 July 2012)
Genetic Variability of Heat Tolerance in Cotton (6 June 2012)
Mediterranean Pink Roserock: Could It Survive IPCC-Predicted Global Warming? (9 May 2012)
Global Warming, Graminoid Grasses, and the Grazing Geese of Greenland (8 May 2012)
Effects of Warming on Dense Stands of Young Faxon Fir Trees (2 May 2012)
Sphagnum Mosses: Could They Take the Heat of a Warmer World? (11 April 2012)
Litter Decomposition in Grasslands (21 December 2011)
Real-World Species Range-Shifts in Response to Regional Warming (6 December 2011)
Plants Surviving Global Warming on Mountainsides (8 June 2011)
B. nana Plants in the Arctic Tundra (26 April 2011)
The Response of High Arctic Tundra to Long-Term Warming (12 April 2011)
Not All Ecosystems Respond Dramatically to Rising Temperatures (14 December 2010)
Effects of Branch Warming on Tall, Mature Oak Trees (17 November 2010)
The Effects of Warming on Winter Wheat Yields in Semi-Arid China (10 November 2010)
High-Temperature-Induced Male Sterility in Crop Plants (4 November 2010)
Warming Enhances Plant Growth (14 October 2010)
The Ever-Increasing Productivity of Amazonian Forests: Fact or Artifact? (3 September 2010)
The Effects of Warming on Alpine Vegetation in the Swiss Alps (2 September 2010)
The Power of Acclimation: How Trees Respond to Warming in Natural Settings (2 September 2010)