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Tropical Cyclones and Super Typhoons: Their Influence on China

Sun, L.-h., Ai, W.-x., Song, W.-l. and Wang, Y.-m. 2011. Study on climatic characteristics of China-influencing tropical cyclones. Journal of Tropical Meteorology 17: 181-186.
Writing as background for their study, Sun et al. (2011) note that "typhoons are among the most damaging natural disasters in the world," and that "China is one of the countries that suffers tremendous typhoon damage." Thus, it should come as no surprise that tropical cyclones impacting China have been well studied -- see several examples under the heading Hurricanes in our Topical Archive -- and that they continue to be scrutinized. And this scrutiny should be even less of a surprise in light of the climate-alarmist claim that such storms should become both more frequent and more furious as global temperatures rise.

In further exploring this issue, Sun et al. analyzed data pertaining to tropical cyclones (TCs) over the northwestern Pacific and the South China Sea, which they obtained from China's Shanghai Typhoon Institute and the National Climate Center of the China Meteorological Administration, pertaining to the period 1951 to 2005.

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Archived 23 August 2011